Welcome to uPlatform’s documentation!


uPlatform is a full stack control solution for power electronics research and development. The aim of the project is to allow standalone research in the field of control theory for both machine drive and grid connected applications. The tools is also useful as an HMI solution for power electronics research, in the hardware debug, test and validation phases.

uPlatform stack structure

The highly modular architecture allows the tool to be easily retargettable; despite the high level of vertical integration, each layer in the stack is fully independent that can be usefully deployed independently from the others.

From a high level perspective the system consists of three main layers: the lowestone, implemented in the programmable logic part of the Xilinx Zynq SoC, is responsible for the real time portion of the control system, allowing to achieve low latencies and very high maximum operating frequencies. The next layer runs on the Zynq’s processing system as a suite of linux software components, that interfacing with the low level logic layer runs the server backend of the HMI. Last but not least the user facing part of the HMI is run directly in the client browser as a single page web application.

In depth layers documentation